G-8 SUMMIT: Russian Veto Syrian Fiasco

Source: Mateusz Boksa¸ PKF Malta¸ June 2013


Syrian Case

G8 countries leaders have not managed to agree on any fruitful announcement in Syria’s case during G8 summit held in Northern Ireland. One of the main reasons of this failure is¸ inter alia¸ is Russian president¸ Vladimir Putin¸ who torpedoed G8’s efforts to remove Syrian leader¸ Bashar al-Assad from power. Nevertheless¸ after two days of intense talks¸ G8 leaders called for peace talks to be held as soon as possible to resolve the Syrian civil war.

In a final communique¸ the possible future of Syrian president¸ Assad¸ was not mentioned at all¸ despite the fact that it had been one of Cameron’s and Obama’s agenda. In the summit¸ Vladimir Putin took a very self-confident attitude. During final conclusion he criticized Western countries plans concerning Syrian rebel’s army ammunition delivery. In his opinion¸ this kind of action could lead to terrible consequences: “It could be possible that the ammunition would be used in Europe one day” he insists. Simultaneously¸ Putin claimed that he has not been feeling alone during the summit¸ and there were leaders who share his opinion in that particular matter.

On the other hand¸ Barack Obama’s representative claims that declaration concerning political negotiation in Syrian case has fulfilled president’s agenda for G8 summit. The president is willing to organize another conference with Russia and United Nation¸ called Geneva II. It would give results in finding political solution in Syrian case.

In a final conclusion of the summit it has been announced that Syrian refugees would get additional 1¸5 bn USD assistance. In the same time¸ world’s leaders criticized human rights breakage both by Syrian regime forces¸ and Rebellion.

The Syrian civil war has last for 2 years already and it took almost 100.000 victims. Many cities and villages have been seriously damaged. Both sides of the conflict do not show any real interest in political solution.

Tax evasion measures

G8 leaders have agreed new measures to slow down or even prevent money launderers¸ illegal tax evaders and corporate tax avoiders. Governments have decided to share automatic access to information on their residents’ tax affairs. The measures are designed to fight illegal tax evasions¸ as well as avoiding legal taxes by multinational corporations that use loopholes and tax havens.

BBC informs that The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)¸ proposed to share tax information by building on an existing system set up by the US and five major European economies on a global scale: “This international tax tool is going to be a real feature of ensuring that we get proper tax payment and proper tax justice in our world¸” said Mr Cameron¸ who claimed that it meant “those who want to evade taxes have nowhere to hide”. The OECD includes all of the G8 members except Russia.

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