Fundamentals of Petroleum Economics

Professional development in petroleum economics by part-time distance learning from IBC Academy

The A to Z of cash flow¸ risk analysis and valuation in the oil and gas industry

Petroleum economics is one of the most influential players in the world economy¸ so having a comprehensive understanding of this vital area is key for anyone working within the oil and gas or energy industries. The Fundamentals of Petroleum Economics is the ideal course for both individuals and corporate groups to develop this crucial knowledge.

During this popular 12 week part-time distance education course you will:

  • Gain a thorough¸ practical introduction to the techniques used within the petroleum industry to value projects¸ assets and companies
  • Practice your own valuations or critically review those produced by others
  • Develop your knowledge of general discounted cash flow principles
  • Analyse the more sophisticated simulation and real options approaches
  • Address the issues specific to the oil and gas industry such as fiscal systems¸ risk analysis and competitive bidding
  • Understand how to answer questions such as “How will it work?”¸ “What is the cost?” and “What is the return/profit?”


Course programme

  • Cash flow components and economic indicators
  • Upstream¸ midstream and downstream petroleum economics
  • Managing and mitigating uncertainty and risk
  • Sensitivities¸ simulations and decision analysis
  • Valuing petroleum assets¸ portfolios and companies

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