Fitness App Lets Charities Cash in on Your Exercise Routine

Source: Mashable

Charity Miles is an exercise app that works double-time¸ tracking mileage and raising money for different causes. All users need to do is turn up the volume and go.

The iPhone and Android apps are free. Anyone can earn money for charities with pure mileage. Bikers earn 10 cents per mile while walkers and runners can earn 25 cents a mile for charities.

The company is self funding the initial id=”mce_marker” million covering the app’s first users. The company hopes to gain as many athletes on the platform as possible¸ to entice future corporate sponsors. By sponsoring users’ runs and rides¸ the corporations have a unique way to connect with consumers. Users must share their activity on Facebook and Twitter in order for charities to receive donations.

The GPS-enabled app is sleek and easy to use. Users can track their time¸ milage and impact.  Read more

Picture Source: Mashable