Financial Reporting Standard for Medium-sized Entities (FRSME)


Ensure Smooth Transition from UK GAAP & IFRS for SMEs to FRSMEGauge the Impact on your Company’s Accounts and Prepare Yourself In Advance of the Impending Standards

Applicable to all entities currently preparing under UK GAAP¸ the transition to FRSME is a must-know regulation.

Immerse yourself in a complete and comprehensive guide to the transition to FRSME so you are completely prepared and well in advance.

1.    Differences Between FRSME¸ IFRS for SMEs and UK GAAP

2.    First Time Adoption:  A Checklist Approach to the FRSME

3.    Defined Benefit Pension Schemes

4.    Accounting for Foreign Exchange

5.    Accounting for Business Combinations

6.    Tangible Fixed Assets: Property¸ Plant & Equipment

7.    Financial Instruments for Corporates: Recognition and Measurement

8.    Tax Implications of FRSMEs

A Weight off your Mind:  Gain Clarity on the Implications for you Under the FRSME Transition

Key topics:

•    FRSME vs IFRS for SMEs vs UK GAAP
•    First Time Adoption of FRSME:  A Checklist Approach for a New Reporting Framework
•    Defined Benefit Pension Schemes
•    Foreign Exchange  read more
•    Accounting for Business Combinations
•    Tangible Fixed Assets:  Property¸ Plant & Equipment
•    Financial Instruments for Corporates:  Recognition and Measurement
•    Tax Implications of FRSME