Europe’s journey towards developing shale gas

Source: Kinga Warda¸ PKF Malta¸ June 2013

The Unconventional Gas & Oil Summit (UGOS) gathered number of experts and enthusiasts willing to share their knowledge. It is the Europe’s leading international conference exploring the latest trends in unconventional gas and oil held from 3 -6 June 2013.

Dr Steve Garrett¸ Manager for Chevron’s Global Technology Centre during his speech today’s morning said that Europe is only “just starting” its journey towards developing shale gas. He told the conference: “it does take time” for an industry to get off the ground”.

He commented: “It seemed to ramp up quickly but if you look at the timeline it goes back to 2005¸ it took eight to 10 years. We’re just starting on that journey in Europe.”

Mr Garrett has published over 20 papers on geophysics¸ tectonics¸ earth modeling¸ regional stratigraphy and reservoir characterisation. He was the first Vice-President of the gOcad research consortium at the start of successful commercialisation of this modeling environment.