European Refining: Grabbing the margin


Attracting 150+ industry professionals¸ the conference assembles the refining community and its dependents¸ to discuss and debate the industry’s evolving landscape and strength. The conference will provide attendees with a practical insight into the global refining environment¸ product and price shifts and legislative developments while unearthing strategies for Boosting plant flexibility¸ optimizing production cycles and reducing costs.Topics Discussed:

  • Maintaining Europe’s downstream industry – Leaders discuss
  • EU refining capacity outlook¸ demand projections and new player dynamics
  • European trade flows¸ refinery supply and margin outlook
  • Recent and proposed legislative developments – Will the industry be supported?
  • European refining in the context of shifting global product markets
  • Product pictures – Review and outlook for refined products in Europe
  • Improving the economics and competiveness of European refining in a sustainable way


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This Year’s Excellent Lineup Includes:

  • Nathalie Brunelle Senior Vice President¸ Strategy¸ Development and Research¸ Refining & Chemicals Division¸ TOTAL
  • Mark Quartermain¸ Vice President¸ Downstream Strategy Development v Market Analysis¸ Shell
  • Alois Virag¸ Senior Vice President¸ Refining v Petrochemicals¸ OMV
  • Mikhail Antonov¸ Deputy Director of Refining¸ LUKOIL Trade and Supply (Litasco)
  • Christian B. Cleret¸ Chief Executive Officer¸ Hestya-Energy
  • Dario Scaffardi¸ General Manager¸ SARAS
  • Lajos Alacs¸ Vice President¸ Supply Chain Management¸ MOL Group