EDHEC-Risk Days North America – New York

Bringing Research Insights to
Investment Professionals


EDHEC-Risk Institute is one of the leading international academic research centers; its mission is to build bridges between the academic and professional communities by informing the industry of the latest research in asset management and by exchanging views on all relevant topics of the day.

EDHEC-Risk Institute also has a research team in the United States and a research partnership with Princeton University. There are 500¸000 US-based recipients of our research¸ and several hundred North American finance professionals have received formal training from EDHEC-Risk Institute over the past five years. At the inaugural EDHEC–Princeton Institutional Money Management Conference in New York on 27 April¸ 2012¸ EDHEC-Risk Institute and Princeton University’s experts presented more than 150 financial industry representatives with the most recent results from their research projects focusing on major issues for institutional investment management.

In the middle of the last decade¸ the EDHEC-Risk Institute launched a series of research conferences targeted at the financial services industry which have now become a point of reference in Europe.

With the internationalization of its activities¸ EDHEC-Risk is launching a North American-focused investment conference for traditional and alternative investment managers¸ private bankers¸ institutional investors¸ and family offices. The event will take place in New York on October 8-9¸ 2013 at the Crowne Plaza¸ Times Square¸ Manhattan.


EDHEC-Risk Days North America 2013 will take place on October 8-9 at the Crowne Plaza¸ Times Square¸ Manhattan.

The event will include two major conferences that will be genuinely significant events for North American institutional investors:

  • Indexation and Passive Investment Conference
  • Global Institutional Investment Conference

The major themes addressed on Day One will be:

  • Comparing the Performance of Indices
  • Advantages and Limitations of New Forms of Equity Indices
  • Alternative Bond Benchmarks
  • Managing ETP Risks
  • How to Improve the Liquidity of the ETF Market
  • How to Invest Passively in Commodities?
  • Can Proprietary Indices Be Trusted?
  • Investing in Low Vol Strategies

The major themes addressed on Day Two will be:

  • Who Seriously Cares about Inflation? Is Inflation Risk Predominant in Hedging the Real Interest Rate of Liabilities?
  • Constructing Liability Hedging Portfolios: Real Assets¸ Corporate Bonds or TIPS?
  • The Convergence between Long-Only Investment and Hedge Funds
  • How to Arbitrate between the Performance and Risk of an Asset within an ALM Approach?
  • Reconciling Long Term Life Cycle Investing with the Ratio Constraints of Short Term Funding
  • The Role of Infrastructure in an Institutional Investor’s Allocation
  • From Asset Allocation to Risk Allocation

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