Economist Student, Trainee from Poland

  1. Does the internship relate to your coursework?

The internship relates to my coursework, because I’ve graduated in economics, so I had a possibility to practice my theoretical knowledge.


  1. Did your internship meet your expectations?

Internship at PKF has met my expectations, because I could not only practice my previously acquired knowledge, but also I could learn a lot new things. I found my duties as very interesting. They concerned different fields of PKF activity, such as accountancy, advisory, marketing etc. Also I had a possibility to write two articles which were published in Maltese newspapers. Most of the other tasks was very creative and helped me to develop many skills. Thanks to them I could know how the whole company works.


  1. What did you enjoy the most during your stay at PKF?

During my stay at PKF I have enjoyed the most a possibility to work in the international environment. I haven’t had that experience before, so it was for me a kind of challenge and in the same time a very big pleasure. I could know other cultures and learn how to cooperate with people from different countries, such as Italy, Germany, Hungary and Malta.


  1. How has the internship at PKF affected your career plan?

I think that internship at PKF will have a big influence on my future career. I’ve learnt a lot, I’ve improved my language skills and broadened horizons. After internship at PKF it will be easier for me to find a job in Poland. Also, now I’m more willing to go abroad for work (before it was not so obvious for me). And I’m sure that I really want to work in the international environment in the future.


  1. What’s your opinion about the working environment at PKF?

Working environment at PKF is very, very friendly, particularly because of the people who work there and who are always ready to help you. This is not a big company so employees can know each other very good. The atmosphere is amazing, like in a family J



  1. Why would you recommend this placement to other students?

I would recommend PKF Malta as a place of internship for students, because it’s the best compilation of work and holiday. It’s nothing about preparing coffee and photocopying. If you want you can learn a lot by doing many responsible tasks in which you are interested and after a few hours in the office you spend the rest of the day outside and enjoy the beauty of Malta.


  1. What’s your overall view about internship at PKF Malta?

Internship at PKF Malta was a big pleasure for me. I’ve really enjoyed my work and all duties, I’ve learned a lot. In my opinion the friendliness of this company makes it one of the best workplace in the world. I think it was very good choice to come here for my internship.


  1. Would you provide any suggestions/tips for future interns?

Just be open-minded, focused on challenges and enjoy Malta with PKF