Donovan Deguara

1. Does the internship relate to your coursework?

Yes¸ this internship does relate to my coursework. Currently I am a second year University student following the Bachelor of Commerce Course¸ majoring in Accountancy and Management. Thus what I do during my internship is very much in line with what I am studying at University.


2. Did your internship meet your expectations? 

I joined PKF Malta in order to gain experience on what I’m studying at University¸ and therefore gain some hands on experience on the subjects that I am studying so these will not just be theoretical¸ which working at PKF Malta is really helping me to gain more experience on this line of work.


4. How has the internship at PKF affected your career plan? 

It helped me to get in touch more with the subject and the working environment in this career path¸ which at the end helped me to feel more confident about the decision of continuing in this profession and reassured myself that the decision regarding the career path I am taking is one which I will definitely like and which fits me really well.


5. What’s your opinion about the working environment at PKF? 

The working environment is a very welcoming and friendly one. The place being small will help in getting to know others more¸ which will help even further the friendly atmosphere and thus it is easier to work comfortably.


6. Why would you recommend this placement to other students?

I would recommend this placement as it gives a better feel and a better view of this career path. It will help a lot as one will gain first hand experience on the subject studied.


7. What’s your overall view about internship at PKF Malta? 

Working with PKF Malta is helping me a lot in gaining more knowledge regarding accountancy. It is helping me to improve my understanding and knowledge in this career path¸ which therefore is helping me to grow in this profession.


8Would you provide any suggestions/tips for future interns?

An opportunity with PKF Malta will definitely help in broadening the knowledge regarding one’s studies¸ and will help the person to understand more the concept of accountancy as one would be experiencing the working environment of this profession.