Creativity and Creative Problem Solving

Source: Quad Consultancy

The Event

In order to help leaders¸ managers and business owners address this challenge¸ Quad Consultancy have invited another internationally acclaimed speaker¸ Dr David Hall¸ to deliver a presentation on Creative Thinking.

He will be delivering a session entitled “Creativity and Creative Problem Solving” on Friday 25 May between 08.30 and 12.00 noon at the Marina Hotel¸ Corinthia Beach Resort¸ St Julians.

As usual¸ breakfast will be served at the beginning of the session



The objective of this event is to help people identify the blockages to creativity and develop and implement strategies to overcome those blockages.

This presentation will explore the blockages that exist within the minds of everyone¸ showing beyond doubt that creativity can be enhanced in all – introducing fun into the business agenda¸ the “intermediate impossible”¸ and the art of “provocation” to stimulate creative thinking.

Traditional facilitation skills within business follow a well-defined process – understood by all involved. Creative facilitation¸ by contrast¸ takes the facilitator and all participants out of their comfort zone – introducing novel thinking¸ entertaining the impossible¸ and generally having fun.

This presentation introduces participants to various creative problem solving techniques. Undoubtedly¸ attendees will be inspired to get up and give it a go.


The Speaker

David J Hall was previously Chief Executive of HFL Ltd¸ a drug surveillance and contract research organisation based in Newmarket – and is now founder and CEO of The Ideas Centre Ltd. A Chartered Engineer¸ he holds a PhD from Cambridge University Department of Materials Science (1984) and an MBA through the Open University (1995).

Since 1984 he has worked in a range of manufacturing¸ service and technology transfer organisations¸ holding positions in engineering¸ marketing and manufacturing management. A passion for creativity and innovation¸ and a pursuit of the perfect culture¸ provide a common thread throughout his career to date.

Recent achievements of his organisation include:

  • Winner¸ Laboratory of the Year 2004
  • Entry into The Times Top 100 Best Companies to Work For
  • Winner¸ East of England Excellence 2005
  • IiP Work-Life Balance Award (2005)
  • IiP Management and Leadership Award (2005)



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