China strives for positive pragmatic results at APEC


Source:¸ 11th November 2011

President Hu Jintao has left for Hawaii to attend the annual APEC Leaders’ Meeting this weekend. There¸ he will meet with leaders of the other 20 member-economies to discuss on green growth and regional economic integration.

President Hu Jintao was invited by his US counterpart Barack Obama¸ who chose his birthplace as the venue of this year’s APEC gathering. Besides the 19th APEC Leaders’ Meeting¸ Hu Jintao will also participate in the APEC 2011 CEO summit¸ and a dialogue between leaders and representatives of the APEC Business Advisory Council.

He will elaborate on China’s positions on a range of issues¸ including: global economic governance¸ economic development in the region¸ and the multilateral trading system. On the sidelines of the main meetings¸ President Hu Jintao will also hold bilateral meetings with leaders of some of the other APEC economies.

Meanwhile¸ preparations are well under way in Honolulu and security has been tightened around the meeting venues. The increased security presence has been an inconvenience for tourists. but some say it would be worth it if the leaders can come up with a plan to revive the global economy.

A tourist said¸ “Because as things are right now¸ they are really really bad¸ especially for the next generation.”

This year’s meeting is being held against the backdrop of sluggish world economic recovery and increasing risks in the global financial markets. Economies in the Asia-Pacific region are facing a host of difficulties and challenges.

Before President Hu’s departure¸ he made it clear that China is willing to work with other member economies to boost cooperation and push for positive and pragmatic results at the meeting.

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