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Global Investment Strategies For a Going Global China – Shanghai

China Offshore is pleased to announce the 2012 China Offshore Summits. Through presentations¸ workshops¸ and panel discussions¸ the topics to be addressed include the most pressing issues in Global Investment Strategies For a Going Global China.

The two day summit will gather China’s leading financial intermediaries with the International Trust Companies¸ Bankers¸ Lawyers¸ and Corporate Service Providers for an exclusive and in-depth conference examining the full spectrum of investment¸ trade¸ and wealth management coming out of China.

The China Offshore Summit has been designed to explain to China’s top financial intermediaries how they can benefit from the unique asset management and corporate product offerings available in the world’s international offshore financial centers.

The China Offshore Summit Series is the successful conference series developed by China Offshore¸ the number one media platform providing Chinese financial experts with the most up-to-date offshore finance news and information from across the world.

China Offshore Summits aim to provide Chinese financial experts with information about the key international financial centers and their services¸ as well as assist international offshore companies in connecting directly to potential Chinese investors.

The first China Offshore Summit took place in Shanghai’s exclusive Pudong Shangri-la Hotel on October 26th-27th¸ 2011. The two-day summit gathered China’s leading financial intermediaries and professional associations¸ and international trust companies¸ bankers¸ lawyers¸ and corporate service providers for an exclusive and in-depth conference examining the full spectrum of investment¸ trade¸ and wealth management as it pertains to China. Thanks to the most prominent international and Chinese offshore professionals’ participation¸ through individual presentations¸ workshops and panel discussions¸ the audience was treated to an unparallel high-quality learning experience and was prepared to approach the most pressing issues in China’s outbound and offshore investments. The conference covered concrete¸ wealth management strategies on the first day and corporate investment solutions on the second.

The exhibition section¸ outside the main conference room¸ was the perfect field for meeting international companies’ representatives and a stepping stone to explore business opportunities with Chinese delegates and other professional organizations. In addition to the main program¸ the summit featured several networking and social events¸ meant to gather all the delegates together in a cheerful atmosphere to provide the most comfortable networking experience.



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