China marks 10th anniversary of joining WTO


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BEIJING¸ Nov. 11 (Xinhuanet) — Thursday marks the tenth anniversary of China’s entry into the World Trade Organization. On November tenth 2001¸ a WTO ministerial meeting in Doha¸ accepted China as the organization’s 143rd member.

The past decade has witnessed China’s ascention to become the world’s second largest economy and the biggest global exporter. During the first couple of years¸ there were concerns among domestic companies that they might lose out to international competition if tariffs were slashed. But their worries proved unfounded.

The value of China’s international trade in 2010 surpassed 30 trillion US dollars¸ a 140 percent growth higher than that of 2001. WTO Director of General¸ Pascal Lamy spoke highly of China’s performance during the past decade as a member. He said China’s entry to the WTO not only brought significant changes to China¸ but also benefited the other members and the whole world as a whole.

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