China Forecast 2001

China Forecast 2011China it’s set to see its 10th year in a row of more than 9% growth in 2011. But that estimate is only based on the “official” Chinese numbers. The real growth is in China’s “gray market.” And that’s where investors have the very real opportunity to find prodigious gains in the coming months.  You see¸ up to 90% of the money in China is hidden. It passes behind closed doors and between private citizens. The government never sees it. And that¸ more than anything¸ is what’s building China’s booming domestic economy.

If you want to make serious profits in China this year¸ don’t look to official reports or big-name Chinese companies. Follow our lead to the country’s newest industries and its smallest public companies to access the secret Chinese economy.

If the United States has a growth problem¸ China has just the opposite. The world’s second-largest economy is set to grow 9-10% this year¸ building on its strong rebound from the global financial crisis.  Beijing is determined to accelerate China’s transition toward a domestically centered economy¸ while stabilizing the country’s prices and cutting government waste.  So in addition to strong growth numbers¸ investors can expect more disciplined¸ fiscally responsible¸ economic development.  In other words¸ China is growing up. This means Chinese markets are going to be less volatile going forward. But its growth will also be more reliable and sustainable.  Read more

Source: Money Map Press