Catherine Ashton opens the EU office in Burma/Myanmar

Source: Council of the European Union¸ 28th April 2012

Catherine Ashton¸ High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the Commission¸ has today inaugurated the Office of the European Union to Myanmar¸ in the presence of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the Chief Minister of Yangon Region U Myint Swe. In her opening remarks she stressed that the office demonstrates the commitment of the European Union to Burma/Myanmar and the ongoing reform process.

“I hope you will see our office as a symbol of the European Union¸ its 27 Member States¸ its institutions that demonstrate the commitment of the EU to this country and to the political process that is now underway.

I already said once today that this country is on a journey. It’s a journey that will take time¸ it’s a journey that the EU wishes to support for the people as they go down the road towards the changes that will make this country a symbol not just for the region¸ but for the world.

It’s therefore an enormous pleasure to have the opportunity to spend a little time here¸ to meet with those who are engaged in this process as indeed you¸ Daw Suu¸ have done for many many years. We want to offer support in as many different ways as we can. The European Union will be a friend and a supporter for the whole of the journey in this process¸ engaged in supporting the programmes that will help people in towns and cities¸ perhaps especially in the rural community¸ and supporting the political process.

Thank you for coming today¸ thank you to the team engaged in setting up this office and all those engaged in the process taking this country forward. We wish you every possible success and we hope to be a good friend and ally as you move forward¸” said Catherine Ashton at the opening of the office.

The Head of the EU Office in Myanmar is Mr. Andreas List.
Audiovisual coverage of the opening of the EU Office in Myanmar is available Europe by Satellite.

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