Anna Golis

1. Does the internship relate to your coursework?

Yes¸ it does. PKF Malta is the company with wide international business relations so fits to my educational background.

2. Did your internship meet your expectations?

Yes¸ it did. I’ve learnt how to work in an international environment¸ with people from different backgrounds. I could implement my knowledge I gained in Poland in the Maltese company.

3. What did you enjoy the most during your stay at PKF?

The atmosphere in PKF Malta is really positive¸ people are friendly and willing to help at any time. I could do different tasks every time¸ so I could expand my knowledge on several backgrounds.

4. How has the internship at PKF affected your career plan?

I am planning to work abroad¸ so having the Internship at PKF Malta¸ gave me the insight about working abroad in the international environment.

5. What’s your opinion about the working environment at PKF?

Working environment at PKF Malta gives a positive impression. It wasn’t just a duty to work here¸ but also a pleasure of spending time in here every day.

6. Why would you recommend this placement to other students?

I recommend this placement to students¸ who want to have their first working experience abroad¸ as the team of PKF Malta is really helpful. Making those first steps abroad¸ students can count on the support. I also recommend this internship to anyone¸ who wants to broaden the knowledge in fields such as finance¸ taxation¸ law and economics.

7. What’s your overall view about internship at PKF Malta?

I feel satisfied doing my Internship at PKF Malta¸ I am glad that the company gave me that opportunity to join their team for those 3 months. I am convinced that the experience I gained in here will help my career path to bloom.