Android Users Most Likely to Use Phones While in the Bathroom

Source: Mashable

smartphone-galaxy-nexus-bathroom-3101-590x405Can’t part with your phone even when you’re in the bathroom? You’re in good company. About 75% of Americans admit they use their phones in the bathroom¸ according to a new study.

A report by marketing agency 11mark found that three in four people are texting¸ emailing and even talking on the phone while in the bathroom. In fact¸ about 25% of Americans said they always bring their phone into the restroom.

However¸ the survey — conducted among 1¸000 Americans — revealed that Android users are slightly more likely to use their phones in the bathroom compared to other device owners. About 87% of Android users have used their phone while going to the bathroom compared with 84% of BlackBerry users and 77% of iPhone users.

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Image source: Android Community