Agritourism offers an opportunity to build relationships between the agricultural community and the local tourism industry by incorporating tour groups and educating school children. Agritourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in the eco-tourism industry. It is leisurely activities in the rural areas that help to understand and appreciate the land and the people who live on it.

As commercialism and mass production become the standards by which we live¸ agritourism has given people who work in the agricultural and horticultural sectors a chance to share their work with the masses.

There is nothing new about this form of travel¸ however agritourism in Malta is still a new concept and not completely developed. One may well ask how Malta¸ with its limited countryside and a small farming community¸ ever justify the promotion of agri-tourism? The answer is that¸ just as we developed a successful diving tourism sector¸ so we can – with modest expectations – create new jobs in agri-tourism¸ especially in the winter months when the number of tourist arrivals in hotels is low and with the introduction of this sector¸ the MTA can diversify the market.

Would you like to read more regarding agritourism in Malta? Click here to access article of Mr George Mangion “Can agri-tourism thrive in Malta” published on Sunday Independent on 22nd September 2013.

Recently¸ the Parliamentary Secretary for Planning and Simplification of Administrative Processes Michael Farrugia hinted that Malta Envionment & Planning Authority (MEPA) may in the future consider giving the green light to developments related to agritourism in Outside Develpment Zones (ODZs).

Such projects in Malta can generat a lot of interest¸ pointing out that a number of individuals expressed interest in agritourism projects.

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