Back office Admin.

Through its subsidiary companies can offer your Maltese registered company the services of back-office administration.  Back office administration services are also provided to individuals or to companies registered outside Malta wishing to have an operating presence in Malta.

The use of these facilities will ensure that your mail¸ e-mail and communication is relayed through Malta thus keeping the company’s administration centred in Malta. Back office services used in conjunction with the operation of the company’s Maltese bank account¸ makes the Maltese registered company viewed with a physical presence therefore not as a tax avoidance structure by the tax authorities in the country where the company actually carries out its business or in the country of the beneficial owner’s tax residence.

Our back office administration facilities include:

  • Company Mailing Address

Maltese street address with dedicated mail receiving facilities and forwarding weekly of mail to your address

  • Postage

Immediate acknowledgement of mail sent to your clients and immediate forwarding of mail to you by e-mail or fax

  • Telephone Lines

Dedicated telephone lines answered in your company’s name; the client is serviced initially by our staff and calls are subsequently relayed to your telephone number anywhere in the world

  • Mobile Phones

Maltese mobile phone numbers with international roaming facilities in almost all countries worldwide

  • Fax Facilities

Fax lines for your company; faxes from clients are immediately answered with an acknowledgement and then forwarded to your e-mail address

  • Emails

Maltese e-mail addresses for your company which you can access from anywhere around the world

  • Administration Services

Secretarial services including relaying of your mail/faxes/e-mail to clients worldwide

  • Meeting Room

Our offices are centrally located in Birkirkara¸ with ample parking. Arrangements can be made for interested parties to make use of our board room for meetings. A Meeting Room can be made available on a full day basis or on a half-day basis. Conference rooms at leading International Hotels can also be organised.

Should you wish us to handle your back office administration¸ please contact us for further details. All the services can be tailored to meet your requirements.  Our team can be contacted by email: here