Why Malta?


  • The ideal cosmopolitan location for efficient international business contacts. Lying at a strategic crossroads between Europe and Africa¸ Malta is a meeting point of cultures and languages at the heart of the Mediterranean.
  • Malta has excellent flight connections.
    The national carrier Air Malta operates regular flights to numerous European cities and a number of North African destinations. There are also a large number of international carriers operating to and from Malta.
  • Sophisticated ICT infrastructure well connected to the international backbone. High broadband penetration and a competitive market with the latest technologies such as VoIP.
  • Malta has friendly relationships with Mediterranean rim countries and with the countries representing the major investment market worldwide. Through the bilateral agreements between Malta and the EU with third countries¸ and through Malta’s traditional economic links¸ the country strengthens its position as a business location and financial centre in the wider Mediterranean region.
  • Malta has high standards of living as well as comparatively low daily running costs¸ both for business and personnel. It offers a refreshing change from other busy¸ chaotic and high-cost¸ business centres. It also boasts a diverse range of shopping¸ cultural and leisure activities and provides well-equipped public and private hospitals and clinics.
  • High quality homes and apartments to satisfy the most demanding requirements. It offers excellent office space at reasonable rents. Maltese standard time is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and six hours ahead of US Eastern Standard Time (EST). Business runs smoothly with the international community¸ i.e. you can do business with Asia in the morning¸ Europe throughout the day and the Americas at the end of the day.
  • Major transhipment hub in the region. Malta Freeport is one of the most efficient and successful Freeport operations in the Mediterranean. Almost all goods being shipped through the port or being re-packaged for onward shipment do so tax.-free.


  • English is an official language. English¸ a joint official language with Maltese¸ is universally spoken and written and is the language of legislation¸ education and business. Many Maltese are also fluent in Italian¸ and may also speak German or French. Major world languages are easily sourced.
  • The high education and training level of the Maltese labour force is a key competitive factor. The Maltese have a very high regard for education and some 60 per cent of students remain in education to tertiary level following academic or vocational courses. Malta University is the oldest in the Commonwealth outside Britain¸ and enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide.