Valletta – Cultural Capital of Europe

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“A lively¸ bubbly and vibrant” capital city is planned for Valletta as various projects are planned for the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2018 said Parliamentary Secretary Jose’ Herrera. The plans will cost €50 million.

 In October 2011¸ Valletta became a candidate European Capital of Culture (ECoC) for 2018¸ submitting a bid that includes all Malta. If awarded the title¸ Valletta 2018 will see an inspiring¸ exciting and innovative programme of events that pushes our capabilities and creativity. There’s much to do before we reach 2018¸ but it’s a journey designed to enrich us.

Several projects are planned for the event. One of them is a restoration of Fort St Elmo and its lighthouse. Parliamentary Secretary for Culture and Local Government said that the Strait Street will become a hub of commercial and cultural activities¸

The old Valletta market will be remodelled to accommodate traditional shops¸ including the ones still operating there.

The old power station at the Valletta Waterfront would house a Museum of Contemporary Art.

Some may be happy as the carnival will be making a return to Valletta City Gate. In addition¸ and the Summer Carnival¸ which had been a great success¸ would be repeated.

If you would like to get involved in Valletta’s journey to European Capital of Culture 2018¸ visit V.18 website