About Us

Tunemalta.com maximising all business services through one portal¸ providing an efficient¸ flexible and cost effective service to both local and international clients.

We are not an investment advisor but act as an independent service provider promoting Malta as an EU centre for financial services sectors such as attracting hedge funds, captives, and E-commerce.  We think differently and strive to deliver commercial solutions using professional techniques ensuing measurable results, cost transparency, and value for money.

We are a fast-growing, progressive firm that will meet the technical standards that your organisation expects¸ providing services to a list of prestigious clients and we enjoy an excellent reputation that stems from our dedication¸ professionalism and enthusiasm to serve our clients.

Throughout this website¸ you will find general information on setting up or expanding your operation in Malta, and the assistance that we may provide you with on such venture.  This information is intended to serve as a general introduction to operating in Malta,  however, it can never substitute the professional and personalised advice that we offer our clients.