A word with… Jeannette Camilleri

Today we’re bringing you a short interview with Jeannette. She joined PKF as an audit assistant and trainee accountant. Jeannette is a student at University of Malta following the Bachelor of Commerce course.

You are a full time student. What was the motivation for you to find an internship? Is it difficult to work & study in the same time?

Once I started the B.Com course at University I wished more than anything to be able to further my theoretical knowledge by applying it. In my opinion¸ learning by doing is much more effective as you gain a lot more from experience. This motivated me to find an internship and PKF has been very helpful in getting me accustomed to what it means to be working in the world of financial services as an audit assistant while also giving me the necessary internal training required. It is a matter of priorities when it comes to studying full time and working. It is not always easy but in the end¸ managing to do both is very satisfying.

You’ve spent the last few months working with PKF Malta. What does your day-to-day job involve?

In the time I have spent working at PKF Malta¸ I have been assigned various tasks such as doing research¸ preparing financial statements of companies and doing their overall analytical review and other statements¸ going on stock takes for auditing purposes¸ invoice vouching and other general administrative duties.

Why did you choose PKF Malta?

I chose to work with PKF Malta as its staff are very friendly and make you feel welcome while being able to work together as a team. It also supports internal training so that all the staff are kept up to date with any current affairs or requirements. I have learnt so much from working at PKF since I started and am sure I will continue to do so in such a very helpful environment.

What are your career aspirations? Have you always wanted to become an accountant/auditor?

I was not so sure I wanted to take up accountancy/auditing before my experience as a Finance and Sales Director in a Young Enterprise Company when I was still in Junior College. But this role turned out to be so much more than I expected and even though it required quite a lot of my time and wasn’t such an easy task¸ I found it very satisfying. This made me aspire to become an accountant/audit in the future and to work in such a field.

Let’s talk about your free time¸ what do you enjoy doing the most?

In my free time I enjoy socializing with friends and going out. My other hobbies include amongst many others listening to music and going to dancing lessons¸ cooking when I have enough time as I find it to be very relaxing and also reading. Not to mention also going to the beach and travelling in summer.

What kind of advice would you give to other students considering applying to PKF?

Just go for it. From m