A strong commitment to gender equality

Source:  ec.europa.eu

The proportion of women in work has risen steadily and¸ since 2000¸ female workers have taken three quarters of the millions of new jobs generated in Europe. Girls now do better than boys at school¸ and make up 59 % of university graduates in the EU.  Nonetheless¸ women still earn 15 % less than men¸ and remain a minority in political decision-making and senior management positions.

So the EU is stepping up action to eliminate discrimination and achieve gender equality. Key objectives from now until 2010 include breaking down stereotypes¸ and achieving economic independence for women so that they can work¸ earn their own incomes¸ and have equal rights to benefits. EU programmes back up these goals with financial support. The EU has also set up a network of women in decisionmaking to accelerate women’s access to power¸ and is establishing an Institute for Gender Equality.  Read more

Picture Source:  herts.police.uk