A framework for Financial Services

Source: http://www.mfsa.com.mt

The Maltese legal system presents quite a sophisticated and comprehensive framework which in part reflects the various foreign influences that have designed the Island’s history. Over the years¸ Malta has been ruled by Phoenicians¸ Carthaginians¸ Romans¸ the Knights of the Order of St. John and for a few years by the French under Napoleon. For long periods in its history¸ the Island also formed part of the Italian kingdom to its north. More recently¸ between 1800 and 1964¸ Malta formed part of the British Empire.

Malta has a written Constitution based on the British Westminster model that has been adopted in many other states forming part of the British Commonwealth. It incorporates the basic constitutional framework adopted by the United Kingdom¸ but with a single legislature. The constitution cannot be superseded.

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