6 Unique Ways to Sustain a High-Performance Mentality

Source: Forbes


Today’s workplace is in need of a change. It’s time for employees to stop looking in the rear view mirror and start upgrading their talent to take it to the next level. Many people describe themselves as high-performance employees¸ but only a few have the mindset¸ discipline¸ and wherewithal to deliver on that promise every day. High-performance employees aren’t just driven¸ they can anticipate crises¸ manage change¸ and block out the noise around them.

How can organizations and people learn to succeed in this new short-term¸ talent-based¸ fast-paced world of work? How can individuals thrive in a workplace that is more transient¸ more diverse¸ and more entrepreneurial than ever before?

Here are six ways to sustain a high-performance mentality in your work:

  1. Know Your Direct Competitors
  2. Constantly Upgrade Yourself
  3. Invest in a Gen-Y Relationship
  4. Learn About the International Marketplace
  5. Achieve Opportunity Mastery in Your Work
  6. Write a Blog and Hold Yourself Accountable

In today’s survival-of-the-fittest workplace¸ you must get your hands dirty and learn to manage yourself. You must hold yourself to the highest possible standards¸ regardless of the attitudes of those around you. That means measuring yourself against the competition¸ learning from the young and diverse new leaders who are reshaping the global marketplace¸ and focusing on continual self-improvement.

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