5 Ways to Turn Social Customers Into Brand Ambassadors

Source: Mashable


With the advent of social media channels¸ customer service has forever changed. Consumers are no longer willing to sit and listen to classical music on hold. In today’s age of hyper-responsiveness¸ customers expect instant responses from support reps on very public online platforms.

Instead of shying away from social media¸ smart businesses will leverage their social channels to spread a positive brand reputation¸ to connect happy customers and to step up their customer support efforts.

Consumers aren’t eager to blast negative messages about your company – unless your brand is unresponsive. I recently learned at an IBM conference that customers are five times more likely to post something positive than negative¸ and that companies usually have at least 10 warnings before someone posts a negative comment.

Happy customers who get their issues resolved tell an average of four to six people about their positive experiences¸ according to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs. It pays to treat your customers well¸ not only for the repeat business¸ but also to gain the positive word-of-mouth consumers now broadcast across social media. Satisfied customers can become your most influential brand ambassadors. They’ll help to answer customer service questions posted online and also tout their own positive experiences with your business.

Here are the five best ways to turn customers into brand ambassadors through customer service.

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