5 LinkedIn Apps For Power Networking

Source: Fast Company


Most people think about apps running on their smartphones¸ but we’re seeing more and more web services launching app “stores” that allow you to beef up your account. LinkedIn’s list of apps is relatively small compared to other popular marketplaces¸ but what the site lacks in quantity it makes up in quality. The majority of LinkedIn apps are undiscovered gems¸ assuming you frequent the social network on a regular basis. Aside from custom apps¸ many developers are also starting to use LinkedIn’s API to launch digital downloads to do everything from scan business cards to meet strangers for lunch.

Here are five LinkedIn apps to get a leg up in the never-ending networking race.

Cardmunch (iPhone; free)

Ah¸ business cards. As much as we fantasize about their demise¸ the reality is that these rectangular pieces of paper are still the norm in the business world. While there are lots of apps available to scan business cards¸ CardMunch syncs the uploaded information with your LinkedIn contacts. Simply snap a photo of the card and within a few minutes the information is transcribed¸ stored¸ and cross-referenced (so the individual’s LinkedIn details are available). Also¸ after you scan a contact¸ there is a list of mutual contacts included within that person’s profile information. This free iPhone download is a must for users who depend on LinkedIn for their networking needs.(Thanks to @retailprophet for the suggestion.)

Tripit (LinkedIn; free)

Tripit has been helping business travelers keep their flight¸ hotel¸ and rental car confirmation emails in a central spot for years now. The LinkedIn Tripit app is similar¸ insofar as giving you the tools to plan and share travel with your contacts. The best part about this app is that once you plan a trip you can find out immediately which LinkedIn contacts are going to be in the city you’re visiting. This is especially helpful if you’re planning a business trip and you want to plan as many networking meetings as possible to make the most of your time. Have a competitive edge? The app compiles your travel stats and ranks your miles against your contacts¸ a social gaming component that puts a little fun into your time up in the air. (Thanks to @JPBRehr for the suggestion.)

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