Creditinfo Malta Ltd

Creditinfo Malta Ltd is a respected provider of credit risk management services in Malta. Founded in 2002¸ it was the primary overseas business venture by its Icelandic majority shareholder now known as Creditinfo Group. Together with D&B (formerly Dun and Bradstreet)¸ partners since 2004¸ the organisation has access to a range of value added solutions in modelling and analyse¸ supported by specialist stuff¸ Creditinfo Malta is well placed to serve its customers. It’s commitment is to business intelligence and credit risk management to the Maltese market. Becoming part of the dynamic Creditinfo Group has enabled Creditinfo Malta to leverage the expertise¸ resources and solutions of a well-established credit risk management group to partner with customers to provide best practice solutions and data-supported products for risk management across the customer life cycle.

Office: Creditinfo Malta Ltd | 199¸ Eucharistic Congress Road  | Mosta MST 9036  | Malta

Tel        +356 2131 2344

Fax       +356 2131 2338