Privacy Planning for HNWIs, London

IBC Conferences presents Privacy Planning for HNWIs

Time: 8 July 2015,

Venue: Grange Tower Bridge Hotel

Privacy, particularly for HNWIs, is under attack on two fronts. The increasing transparency in the financial world coupled with new technology and the ever growing use of social media has dramatically changed the levels of privacy that HNWIs could previously take for granted.

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It is therefore essential that you are up-to-date on the latest developments, know how to structure your client’s affairs to maintain privacy and understand what to do when privacy is lost.

This new IBC conference will provide you with practical strategies to help your clients both maintain their privacy and manage their reputations if privacy is lost, as well as making sure you are fully aware of all the potential consequences of the growing emphasis on transparency and openness.

Programme Outline:

  • Trusts, companies and foundations: public registers and beneficial owners
  • Structuring to maintain privacy
  • Reputation and crisis management in an online world
  • Internet security, cyber-breaches and privacy
  • Global exchange of financial data: withering privacy
  • Managing threats to HNWIs (kidnapping, data theft, travel risks etc)
  • Cross-border and global issues for reputation management and privacy
  • Panel session: real cases of privacy failure and what could have been done
  • Is privacy dead? Consequences of growing transparency and openness

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