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IFRS Foundation Conference: Frankfurt

27 June 2012 - 28 June 2012

Soucre: IFRS

International Financial Reporting Standards

The conference provides an excellent opportunity both to gain an understanding of the thinking behind the projects on the IASB’s agenda, and to hear about the future direction of financial reporting from those responsible for setting it.


IASB update: progress and plans

  • Update on IASB’s future agenda consultation
  • Current agenda projects
  • Recently issued standards
  • Interpretations and annual improvements
  • Post-implementation reviews

Perspectives on IFRS

  • IFRS Foundation: Update from the Chairman of the Trustees
  • Bank preparer’s perspective
  • Regulator’s perspective

Financial Instruments Replacement of IAS 39


  • Effective date
  • Impairment
  • General hedge accounting
  • Macro hedge accounting
  • Asset and liability offsetting

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